Advantages & Disadvantages of iOS: Pros and Cons of iPhone

Advantages and Disadvantages of iOS Pros and Cons of iPhone

What makes iOS (formerly iPhone OS) so popular? What are the sides that still need to improve on? In this article, we will cover the pros and cons of the iPhone operating system/ advantages and disadvantages of apple’s brand, iOS 2024.

iPhone Operating System, shortly iOS is one of the most popular mobile brands in the world. Its popularity is increasing for its amazing features day by day not only in its origin country the USA but also in the rest of its countries. iOS developed and created by Apple Inc is a powerful mobile operating system that runs on iPhone (iOS) and iPad touch (previously iPadOS) while iWatch has a different OS named watchOS. It’s the second-largest mobile operating system after Google’s Android. Learn the pros and cons of the Android operating system. As they have continuously been updating, the current and latest version of iOS and iPadOS is 14 (14.4.1).

In 2020, iOS generated revenue of $65 billion which is higher than other mobile operating systems. Most of the iOS users are from developing countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc.

The pros of iOS are Usability, Look, Security, Performance, Camera, Gaming, etc. In the following list, you will get detailed info on all the advantages of iOS.

Usability and UX

As usability is the main aim of any product, iOS has a great UX (user experience). Compared to all the versions and models of the iPhone, it has a simple and beautiful interface that helps its user to operate the mobile easily and smoothly.

Brand and Look

Similar product by different brands has lots of verities and differences. Compared to other mobile operating systems, iOS is only installed in Apple Brands (iPhone) and it has a beautiful look.

Better Security

iPhone is a famous brand for some of its features and security is one. Every signal app of the apple store goes live after a manual review process. So the approval team does not approve any app that has a lack of securities. If you even lose your phone, your privacy will keep you safe. As in some operating systems, the screen lock could be bypassed without losing data such as images, videos, documents, etc. But in Apple operating system, it’s quite tough to bypass a phone keeping data in internal storage. The interesting fact is that you can not insert the external SD card which increases its security a bit more.

Better Performance

While purchasing a mobile, we should prioritize performance. If a mobile hangs during usage, we get annoyed. You can run multiple apps and screens at a time. The crash and bug rate of apps on iOS is lower than on Android. However, the overall performance is the best. They are improving the iPhone’s performance from version to version.

Premium Apps

Apple has so many premium free and paid apps that help its user as well as a business owners. There are so many apps in the apple store for multi-tasks. And some app has some extra features that other OS doesn’t have.

Attractive Camera

The camera of Apple is better from its beginning and the quality is improving from version to version. The snap-taking time is less and it has built-in features to edit and filter different colors and views. The camera has slow-motion, QR detectors, and many more.

Supports Multi-language and Multi Tasks

iOS supports more than 21 languages including Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, etc. And the app store is available in 40 languages. Besides, in iOS, you can run multiple apps at a time without being crushed.

Gaming Performance

The gaming performance of apple is awesome. Most of the iPhone users are from the USA. And the USA is #2 in Gaming Industry. So Apple Inc focuses on gaming performance. As the users are from developing countries, games have been being developed by top-notch enterprises. Most all the games of the Apple Store are amazing as they go live on the store through an approval process.

Less Heat Generation

The more a device gets older the more it generates heat. But iPhone generates less heat even as it gets older.

Other advantages

iPhone has all the features that one should have such as default apps, multi-touch screens, communications between two devices, Gestures, on-screen fingerprints, etc.


Cons of iOS (iPhone Operating System)

Disadvantages of iPhone Operating System (iOS)

The cons of iOS are Costly, Lack of Apps, SD Card, Battery Backup, Singal SIM, etc. In the following list, you will get detailed info on all the disadvantages of iOS.


Device: Compared to other brands, the price of the iPhone is high. Android OS is installed in so many brands like OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, etc. So the prices are different based on the company. But iOS is only installed on iPhones and the price is almost fixed.

Application: Most of the apps on the Apple Store are paid and costly. But on android, most of the apps are free.

Repairing: The parts of the iPhone are costly. And when you need to repair any part of hardware or software, you have to count a big amount of money. At the same time.

Unlock: If you forget your screen password/pattern, you cannot unlock the device by doing a hard reset. Then you have to pay a big amount of money for unlocking the device. This is the same for all kinds of locks such as iCloud lock, country lock, screen lock, etc.

Lack of Apps

Apple Store has 1.96 apps whereas Play Store has over 2.9 million apps. There is a lack of iOS developers too.

High Apps Size

The size of apps and games is high. They consumed the internal storage of your iPhone. Hence your device may get slow.

Quick Battery Consumption

If an iPhone device gets old, the battery health also decreased. If you continuously use data the percentage of charge vanishes quickly. And the rate is high for 4G mobile data. At the same time, if you play games, this will happens.

Memory Limit

You cannot insert an external SD card into your iPhone. However, the internal storage is high on almost every iPhone.

SIM Limit

iPhone users can insert a single SIM on their devices. Many of us may have more than one SIM. To keep all SIMs active, you need to use more than one mobile phone. If we want to use in the signal phone, we need to replace the sim again and again which is annoying.

Developer unfriendly

It’s slightly hard to develop an apple app compared to Android. For Android developers, they have to pay a one-time $25.00 developer fee. But for iOS developers, have to pay every year. Besides, Apple currently takes a 30% commission from the total price of paid apps and in-app purchases from the App Store. Another bad side for developers is the deep approval process. Every single app in which you spend lots of time may be rejected after being reviewed.

Same Ringtone

You cannot change the ringtone except the default tones on your iPhone. So when two iPhone users get a call at the same time, they may feel confused.

 Closed source OS

iOS is not an open-source operating system. So without apple, no company can build an iOS device. On the other hand, As Android is an open-source operating system, the competition in Android is increasing which helps common people. That means, many companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, etc. are launching new devices. So the price is decreasing. And a variety of android devices have been coming to the market. To balance the competition, they are offering so many features at a low cost such as a High Mega Pixels Camera, Powerful Battery, Beautiful Look, Size, etc.

Other disadvantages

The iOS doesn’t provide radio though you can install a third-party app to listen to the radio or you can use online radio which will cost data. Besides, it doesn’t provide an NFC share. Almost all the icons of default apps are the same. Again it doesn’t have a back and option button though you can operate them alternatively.

These are the pros and cons/ advantages and disadvantages of the iOS operating system. I hope you enjoyed the article. Do share and let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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