Apple Watch Series 7 Advantages and disadvantages 2024

Apple Watch Series 7 Advantages and disadvantages

Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches produced by Apple Inc. It incorporates fitness tracking, health-oriented capabilities, wireless telecommunication, integration with Apple Devices and etc. In this article, we will specifically reveal the pros and cons of the Apple Watch Series 7 2024. First, we will talk about the main advantages of the Apple Watch Series 7, and then we will highlight the best functions that will make you fall in love with the watch, stay till the end of this article since we will highlight the most negative aspects, those that you have to know before purchasing apple watch. Let’s start by talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the Apple Watch Series 7.

Advantages of Apple Watch Series 7

Now, we will talk about the five advantages/ pros of Series 7 of the Apple Watch. You may also have a look at the pros and cons of the iOS operating system.

  1. The first advantage that we see in the Series 7 is the screen. In fact, it is the greatest novelty that we are going to find. Now it is slightly larger than the Series 6, and logically much larger than the previous models such as the SE and the Series 3. Personally, the small jump from 44mm to 45mm suits the watch very well, we see more text in some apps, and in sports, we will have the pulsation or the greatest distance which facilitates the visualization while we practice sports. The icons and buttons in general are also a bit larger and this makes it easier to interact with the watch. From a design point of view, and this is my opinion, it did not seem to me that the larger size causes us to have a large clock, we continue to have a practically identical size with a better-used screen.
  1. The second advantage is the speed of battery charging. It had been improved with the Series 6 and now Apple has wanted the load to be even faster if we need it, in my tests it is loaded in when we take a shower and prepare an omelet for dinner. In my days of use what I have been doing is putting it to charge as soon as I woke up and took a shower, and when I arrived in the afternoon to play a paddle game I would charge it again, in this way I have always had over 30% of battery, yes, charging it every day without exception.

  1. The third advantage is performance. I do not mean that it is faster or more powerful than a Series 6 since it is not. I remember that both models implement the same chip. But the truth is that the Series 7 did not need a faster chip either, it moves all the native apps very fast, and the loading times with apps like Photos, Calendar, or Time without very short. Starting a new workout is also a matter of seconds, we simply touch the app icon, navigate to the sport we want and in three seconds we can start giving it our all.
  1. The fourth advantage is the integration it has with the iPhone, it is not something new to the Series 7, we will have exactly the same experience with the rest of the models. I particularly like to always carry the phone in silence, only with the vibrator active. And the same operation for the clock, I always have it in silence and I allow apps to send me notifications and the clock vibrates, it is very comfortable and we will only be alerted to a new message. If we are looking for a smartwatch or bracelet that has good integration with the iPhone, the first best option is an Apple Watch, and also the second, the third … I have tried many watches and heart rate monitors from other brands and none of them achieve the level of quality offered by the Apple model.
  1. The fifth advantage is the accessories, and I mean both the immense variety of accessories available and the quality that many brands are putting on the market. The most common will be to find straps for all tastes, from leather models for everyday use, where the link model I am testing has very high quality and construction. Even other silicone sports straps are designed to withstand long sports sessions.

Disadvantages of Apple Watch Series 7

Now, we will talk about the five disadvantages/ cons of Series 7 of the Apple Watch.

  1. The first disadvantage is something that we have been dragging on for years and it will not change and it is the price. If we choose the access model with the silicone loop strap, it will start from almost $400, the model that I have chosen with the aforementioned leather strap already goes up to $450 or a similar price, to which we will have to add a 20W charger that is another $30.
  1. The second disadvantage will surprise you, I consider that it is the screen and its design in particular. If we are critical and look at it in detail, we will find a small black frame between the screen and the aluminum dial of the watch. Apple could have expanded the screen on these edges and thus have a larger size. We all know that future models will be better and will have more of everything, what already annoys me is that it is so clear that that black border will be eliminated soon. Opening a watch worth more than $450 and finding within seconds that it could have been better is something I don’t like.
  1. The third disadvantage is still the experience of daily use with some apps. For example, if we use WhatsApp on a daily basis, we still cannot open audio or write a new message, something certainly absurd in my opinion. And the absurd reach native apps like Training, where we have been seven generations without advanced sports modes. Two curious examples, the Apple Watch is still not compatible with cycling sensors that work via Bluetooth, I am not saying with other systems, but Bluetooth. And the second example that infuriates me, is there are sports such as paddle tennis that do not even have a sports mode, if the tennis mode were excellent I would not have much problem using it either, but the reality is that the measurement does not go beyond the time spent, the calories estimates and give the time.
  1. The fourth disadvantage that I want to point out is autonomy. As I have commented on the advantages, now the charge is done up to 33% faster than in other models. However, we are going to need to charge it every day if we make good use of the sports functions or the always-on screen. The battery of the Apple Watch has the same duration as in models of a long time ago, and this is one of the reasons that make many users very happy with their Series 3 and Series SE. 
  1. The fifth disadvantage is precisely the few differences that we will find with other models. The exclusivity of Series 7 and Series 6 to have blood oxygen measurement and the ECG app for the electrocardiogram is something that we have already mentioned, it is very likely that you will not use it. Another difference is this fast charge, if it is something to take into account but not something decisive either if you had to charge a model every day and another every three, then we would see a difference. The reality is that one model is loaded in half an hour and the other in 45 minutes, it does not seem like an argument that makes us go for one model or another. The difference in performance is a jump from Series 3 to Series 6, but there is not so much jump from Series SE to 6 and 7… at least with everyday apps like Calendar, phone calls, receive notifications, and use Spotify and Whatsapp. The biggest difference is the screen size, where if we are going to see an interesting increase if we jump from an SE or a Series 3 to a Series 7, here it will be everyone who has to decide whether to rent the purchase.

After analyzing the pros and cons of the Apple Watch Series 7 and other series and also according to the user experiences, we recommend you the best one that is listed below.

Check out the official video introducing Apple Watch Series 7.

I hope this article about the pros and cons of the Apple Watch Series 7 helped you to learn the advantages and disadvantages. If you experienced any disadvantages or got something helpful, don’t forget to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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