How to Turn on Facebook Professional Mode 2024

How to Turn on Facebook Professional Mode

What is Facebook’s professional mode?

Facebook wants its creators to reach their full potential on their respective platforms. So, they introduced their new feature called ‘Facebook Professional Mode’. With this mode, creators will be able to unlock revenue opportunities and so on.

Facebook Professional Mode

Note: This mode is still in beta testing and it is invites only.

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Facebook Professional Mode Requirements

Requirements: To enable this mode you have to gain a certain number of followers (up to 5k followers).

How To Enable Facebook Professional Mode

You can turn on this mode by following these steps

  • Go to your Facebook profile and click on three dots.
Facebook Profile 3 dots
  • Now you will get a new option called ‘Turn on professional mode’. Click on it.
Turn on Professional mode option
  • A new page will pop up. Now click on ‘Turn on’.
Click on Turn on

That’s it, now you have Facebook Professional mode on.

If you have a certain number of followers but you don’t have to turn on professional mode, then you have to follow these steps

  • First click on the profile option
profile option
  • Now scroll down and click on Help & support
Help & support
  • Click on Report a problem
Report a problem
  • Now click on Continue to Report a Problem
Continue to Report a Problem
  • Click on Don’t include in report
Don’t include in report
  • Scroll down and click on Profile
click on Profile
  • Now Describe your problem and send it.
Describe problem

This will take some time. Facebook will review your problem and they will fix it ASAP.

According to Facebook, You can expect the following:

Profile Update

  • Followers: Your Who can follow me setting will be set to Public if it isn’t already. This will allow anyone on Facebook to follow you and see your public content in their Feed. There’s no limit to how many followers you can have. You can still share private updates with friends.
  • Profile Category: Your Intro section helps people learn more about your profile, and will now include a profile category. All profiles are set to the category Digital Creator by default upon turning on professional mode
    • To change your profile category: In your About section, select Contact and Basic Info, and edit your Category.

Professional Tools

  • Insights: Learn about your audience and understand how people are engaging with your content through aggregated Insights.
  • Professional Dashboard: Manage your profile’s insights and professional tools.
  • Monetize: If eligible, you can use your profile to earn money on Facebook, such as with reels.


  • Privacy: Privacy settings for your content will not change.



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