We Suspended Your Account Facebook 2023 – How To Fix

Fix We Suspended Your Account Facebook

Are suddenly seeing a “We suspended your account” notification on your Facebook? If so, you are in the right place to fix your FB account suspension problem. In this tutorial, we will guide you to figure out why did this happen and how to get back your suspended Facebook account.

What is “We suspended your account” on Facebook

A new account gets suspended quickly if it violates Facebook’s terms and conditions. However, sometimes Facebook suspends old accounts too, and it does violate frequently.

If your account got suspended you may see a notification like this:

We suspended your account
ON September 09, 2023
Your account, or activity on it, doesn’t follow our Community Standards.
Your account is not visible to people on Facebook, and you can’t see it.

30 days left to disagree with the decision
If you think we suspended your account by mistake, we can take you through a few steps to disagree with the decision.
You have 30 days left after we first took action on your account to disagree, or your account will be permanently disabled. There are 30 days remaining.
Disagree with decision
Learn more about our community Standards.

How to fix “We Suspended Your Facebook Account”

To fix this problem, you need to follow some steps stated below:

  1. Disagree with the decision: Click Disagree with the decision that you are seeing while logging into your Facebook account. NB: You need to disagree within 30 days.
We Suspended Your Account FB
  1. Help us confirm it’s you: Now you need to pass a security check. To pass it, click “I’m not a toot”.
Help us confirm it's you on facebook
  1. Enter the code we sent by text: Now you need to enter the code that was sent to your mobile number. NB: Before sending the code, you may be first asked to give your number. We pass the steps as sometimes, Facebook doesn’t ask this.
Enter the code we sent by text
  1. Upload a photo of yourself: Click “Choose photo”, select a photo from your album and click continue. (Upload a photo that clearly shows your face. Make sure the photo is well-lit and isn’t blurry. Don’t include other people in the shot.
Upload a photo of yourself on facebook
  1. You disagreed with the decision. Check back for the result. Now, you have successfully disagreed with the decision. Now you need to wait for up to 24 hours.
You disagreed with the decision

What happens next:
According to Facebook, It usually takes just over a day to review your information.

  • If they find your account does follow their Community Standards, you will be able to use Facebook again.
  • If they find your account doesn’t follow their Community Standards, it will be permanently disabled and you won’t be able to disagree again.


On TrioGuide‘s observation, they will get your account back to you for the first-time violation. However, if you continuously violate their Community Standards, then there is no chance to get your account back.

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