Google is asking for Age verification suddenly: Why and How to Fix 2024

Google is asking for Age verification suddenly

Are you suddenly receiving Age verification mail from google? Then you should know why google is suddenly doing this. In this article, we will know why google suddenly asked for Age verification and the reasons behind this.

Reasons for Age verification mail

There are only 2 commonly asked Age verification reasons.

  1. Firstly, if google detects your provided date of birth, makes you below the age that an account is legally held. In this case, google usually sends Age verification mail to verify your real age. Here They will also offer the option to have the account supervised if indeed it belongs to a child. If no action is taken, the account will be suspended, and then deleted. 
  2. Secondly, If you are in Europe/EU/EEA/UK and legal requirements to verify the age of people accessing age-restricted content on Google/Youtube. In this case, google usually sends Age verification mail. This isn’t compulsory, and may only inconvenience you, rather than delete your account. 

Why does Google want to Confirm your real Age?

There is every kind of content that google provides everyone. But those contacts have an age partition. Some contents are made for adults and those could be harmful to children. But Google filters those content for you according to your age. For this Google wants your real age on your Gmail account. There are some other features that google provides besides content filtering.

According to Google, How Google helps provide an age-appropriate experience

Every day, they focus on keeping the people who use their products and services safer online.

They take special care of their products built for kids and teens, including offering options that are tailored to different ages.

For their other products, they have extra protections for kids and teens, such as easy-to-understand privacy resources, privacy-protective settings, and restrictions on certain types of content.

Key changes for people under 18

When their systems indicate you may be under 18, they take additional measures to provide a more age-appropriate online experience. Some Google settings and features may work differently depending on applicable local law.

SafeSearch is turned on

SafeSearch is turned on automatically to help filter explicit content.
Manage SafeSearch
If you manage your own Google Account, you can manage your SafeSearch setting.
If a parent helps manage your Google Account, your parent can manage your SafeSearch setting.

Ad personalization is not available

Google doesn’t show you personalized ads, which means ads aren’t based on information from your Google Account. Instead, ads may be based on information like the content of the website or app you’re viewing, your current search terms, and your general area.

Location History is not available

Location History will be turned off for your account and any saved Location History you have will be deleted. You can download or delete your Location History before it’s automatically deleted. To keep your Location History in your account, you’ll need to verify that you’re over 18. 
Location History is turned off by default for your Google Account and can only be turned on if you are eligible and choose to opt-in.

Verify your age  

If you’re 18 or older, make sure your birthday is correct in My Account (Google account settings). In some regions, you can use a credit card or government-issued ID to verify your age.

Important: Google will never ask you to provide this type of information in an email or over the phone.

Government-issued ID verification

You’ll need to upload an electronic copy of a valid, government-issued ID that shows your date of birth. Most requests are reviewed within 24 hours. 
Your ID will be securely stored, won’t be made public, and will be deleted after your date of birth is successfully verified.

Credit card verification

Important: This option is not available in some countries.
After we confirm that your credit card is valid, we’ll retain this data only as long as necessary to meet regulatory requirements for a credit card transaction.
If you use a credit card to verify your date of birth, you might see an authorization for a small amount on your account. This checks that your card and account are valid. Your card won’t be billed and the authorization will go away soon.
Tip: If your authorization doesn’t go through, check if you’re using an invalid card or have provided incorrect information.

How can you fix this?

First of all, it is not the kind of problem that you want to fix. If google sends you a mail about age verification, just verify your age following their way. It’s for you good so don’t worry about it. Google wants to make your life easy with its product.

If you are a parent and your child is under 18 then you can easily monitor your child’s Internet usage. For this just enter your child’s age on his/her Gmail account, now you can use some google features like safe search and so on.

Always try to provide your real age in your Gmail. Google always introduces new features to make your life easy.

Some related tasks to Age verification according to Google

Update your account to meet age requirements

To manage your own Google Account, you must meet the minimum age requirement for the country associated with your account.

If Google has learned that you may not be old enough to manage your own account:

  • You’ll have 14 days to either set up supervision for your account or verify that you’re old enough to manage your account. During this grace period, you can log in and use your account as normal.
    • If your account is through work, school, or another organization, your account may not be eligible for parental supervision. If that is the case, your account will be disabled immediately. You should contact your admin if you have questions.
  • If you choose not to set up supervision or verify you’re old enough to manage your account within 14 days, your account will be disabled and your account information will be deleted after 30 days.

Important: If your account is disabled, the content you’ve published will be hidden. For example, YouTube videos you’ve created won’t be visible while your account is disabled. If you re-enable your account it may take up to several days for your content to show up again.

Set up supervision for your account

If you’re not old enough to manage your own account, you can have a parent use their Google Account to set up supervision so you can continue using your account. You have 14 days after you entered your birthdate to enable supervision before your account will be disabled. After your account is disabled, you have 30 days to enable supervision before your account will be deleted.

Tip: Supervision can’t be set up for a Brand Account. You’ll need to delete or change who manages your Brand Account before you can set up supervision.

Verify you’re old enough to manage your account

If you do meet the minimum age requirements, you can verify your age with a government-issued ID that shows you meet the requirement. You may also have the option to verify your age with a credit card.

If you use a credit card, any temporary authorization will be fully refunded. If you use an ID, Google will delete the image after verifying your age.

Important: After you sign in to your Google Account you’ll get instructions on how to directly upload a valid ID or enter credit card information. Google will never ask you to provide this type of information in an email.

Check the status of your request

1. Within the first 14 days, you can check the status of your request. If you have more than one account, make sure you’re signed in to the correct account.
2. If your account is disabled, sign in as normal to view the status of your request.

Delete your Google Account

If you don’t want to add supervision or verify your birthdate, you can choose to delete your Google Account before it is disabled.



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