Gmail Not Receiving or Sending Emails 2024: Reasons and Solutions

Gmail Not Receiving or Sending Emails

Gmail is the most used mail service offered by Google. Unfortunately, some users experience mail not receiving or sending problems. So in this tutorial, we will discuss the probable reasons for not receiving and sending emails on Gmail. And later on, we will add solutions on how to fix this. You may get this error on your phone (Android, iPhone), computer, or even your tablet, so we will write solutions for all these devices. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Reasons Why Emails Are Not Arriving in Your Inbox

Below, we are going to figure out all the probable reasons behind mail not receiving or sending errors.

Google’s Server Down

Because of heavy traffic or cyber attack, sometimes the server gets down. If this happens, you can send or receive messages through Gmail. Check Google’s server status Google Workspace Status Dashboard.

Slow or No Internet Connection

If you do not have data or wifi then you may face the same error. Sometimes, we have wifi connection, but no internet. In this regard, you may face this problem.

Gmail Storage Full

Another reason behind this problem is storage. Everything is limited. The default google account’s storage limit is 15 GB. If you consumed the storage, we will face this problem. Check out your storage usage here Google Storage.

Spam Filter

If you are sending spam messages or receiving spam messages or even if your mail has spam, then Google AI will automatically detect spam. So you cannot send or receive messages.

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Solutions on How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving /Sending Emails Error

Here is the list of solutions to the problem of mail not receiving or sending that may work for you.

Have Internet Connection

As stated above, if it occurs due to an internet problem then fix your wifi or have data.

Go to All Mails

If your received mail got filtered or moved to another folder then you may not find it. So go to all mail or search the specific mail to find it.

Check Spam

It is normal that most of the mail comes in spam folders. If the sender is new or if the sender is sending from business mail, then it will arrive in the spam folder. So check your spam folder.

Update Gmail App

If google releases new updates, sometimes it requires updating the Gmail App. They force users to update the app for security reasons in the previous version.

Sign out and Sign in Again

As for the cache on the browser, it holds the old image of the mail. So it needs an update. Signing out and signing in again forces it to refresh.

Disable Antivirus

If you are using Anti-virus on your computer, then it may prevent to receive emails. So try disabling your antivirus software.

Free up Storage

As stated above, if the storage gets full and you need to free up space.

Contact Support

If any one of the above solutions doesn’t work for you, then you contact google or post on a google community. Their product experts will be in touch with you.

We hope that you have successfully fixed the mail not receiving or sending problem. If you are still in trouble, leave a comment below specifying your problem.

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